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Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance

We know how important your vehicle is. It connects you with your job, family, and friends. Make getting the right coverage for your vehicle easy with Higgins Insurance.

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  • I have been dealing with Leslee Chambers from Higgins Insurance for the past 5 years. Leslee and her company have been excellent to deal with. They offer great rates and usually out price any of the competition. I was referred to Higgins by a coworker and since then have also referred many other coworkers to Higgins Insurance.

    CST Darren Legere
    General Duties
    Port Hawkesbury RCMP

  • Since becoming a client in 2009, I've always appreciated the professional advice and service I have received from James Higgins and the team at Higgins Insurance. They are always courteous, timely and helpful.

    Jeff McAloon, President & Chief Executive Officer
    Saint John Regional Hospital Foundation

  • Having dealt with other Insurance Companies and Brokers and trying to get a “real person" on the phone was challenging, but talking to Higgins Insurance was a pleasure. Every person I spoke to there was very helpful. No hassles. The people at Higgins Insurance are always helpful and very friendly. I am very happy I called for my free quote, which I received the same day I called, and now I am saving more than $35 a month on my insurance. Very well worth it. Thank you very much Higgins!

    Jean-Francois Leblanc
    Membership Co-ordinator
    International Police Association-Atlantic Canada


  • Just wanted to send a quick word to acknowledge how very pleased my wife and I are with the services we’ve received from Angie in the past two weeks. Her attitude and professionalism are something we have lamented in the past but we are extremely pleased to have stumbled upon such a competent service advisor.

    Steve Roberge
    Executive Director / Directeur général
    New Brunswick Police Commission / Commission de police du Nouveau-Brunswick


  • You’ll be pleased to know I’ve switched over my home insurance to Higgins. I’ve been dealing with Wendi Bradley. She could teach a class in customer service. Excellent all around professionalism. I’m impressed. There were a number of unknown hurdles to jump in my particular case and she was able to overcome each one with a great deal of patience. Hope you can pass this along to the owners.

    Mick O'Kane
    New Brunswick Federation of Labour


    I am so happy that someone actually gave my own advice back to me. I always told my clients its best to shop around for the best price for the best value. So, after being with my insurance company for over 10 years, I took the advice and called up Higgings Insurance. After a 5 minutes conversation, I saved $480 on my Auto Insurance and $60 on my Home insurance per year for the same coverage. Thanks for the great advice Bob!!

    Troy Burke
    Fredericton, New Brunswick
    Business Manager, Volkswagon


    Higgins Insurance has been my home and auto insurance provider since 2010. Thankfully I've never had a serious mishap during this time, but I've always known that should I need them, Higgins Insurance would be there for me and my family. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and values their clients as people rather than policies. I wish that I had been a client prior to 2010 but now that I am, I'm here for the long haul.

    Stephen Belyea
    Rothesay, New Brunswick


    Moncton InsuranceFor the past 17 years I have been with another insurance provider. During this time, I have had no claims on my home or vehicle. This year, for some inexplicable reason, my rate jumped several hundred dollars on both policies! Enter Higgins Insurance. Same coverage as before, and my annual insurance rates are now palatable! My thanks to Leslee Chambers and Bob Keys for their outstanding customer service! 

    Jim White
    Moncton, New Brunswick


Serving the Maritimes.

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Save your family money through Insurance

Saving Your Family Money

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No matter what type of insurance you are looking for, it is something that you shouldn't live without. However, finding the right coverage isn't the most exciting task. In a world of not knowing how to navigate the insurance industry, you need someone who is 100% on your side that you can trust.  We understand insurance and will guide you through the buying process with ease all while making sure you are properly covered.  We pride ourselves on conducting business in a fair and ethical manner and will listen and answer any questions you may have.  Join the Higgins Insurance family and we won't let you down.